Perl Programming

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Perl Programming


Note: If your interested but date and locations are an issue then kindly let us know so we can schedule it for you.


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Course Contents:


Perl Installation

Perl Basics

Shebang code

Making and Running a


Scalar and Arithmetic Variables

Variable Scope


Naming Conventions

Conditional Statements


String Functions and Operators

Lists and List Functions

Arrays and Array Functions

Hashes and hash array.

Loop control Statement

Formatted Printing

Range Operator


Command Line Arguments

Passing Arrays to and from Subroutines

Passing Hashes to and from Subroutines


File handlers

Default Variable

Regular Expressions


BEGIN and END blocks


Character Functions

In-Built Functions


The Session will give full hands-on in Perl scripting. Its an corporate training. We will work throughout the session on Perl scripting. Session is designed to cover from basic scripting level to Intermediate Level



Madeeswer Gandhi.V ( 10 years Experience in Linux)

Madeeswer has designed, developed and implemented lot of tools and softwares in Linux. These tools runs on production servers around the world. He has real time experience in Perl scripting and technologies mentioned and driven projects from scratch to production implementation.

He has designed open-source software’s in Ruby on Rails.


Targeted Audience:

Automation Engineers

Linux Administrators

Middle ware Administrators (Websphere, Weblogic, MQ, JBoss)

Database Administrators (Oracle, DB2, etc)

Java Developers

Useful for all people who has there app on Linux or Unix flavors.

Knowledge gained in the workshop:

Participants will be able to know

* Writing Perl scripts with Configuration files

* Real Time Experience

* Automation techniques

* File Handling

* Fundamentals of Perl

* Regular Expression

* Basic to Intermediate Level

Note: This workshop is focused from beginners to intermediate level. The participants would understand practically how to write and understand Perl scripts


Basic knowledge in any programming or scripting language.

Time : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm




Terms & Conditions

Registration is first come first serve basis.



For any clarifications, Please contact:

Mr. Madeeswer Gandhi.V

US: +1(937)557-1919

IN: +91 8122331111

E:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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