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IgniteMindZ instructors are people who have worked for several years in IT industry. Using our IT industry experience, we understand the Business needs and requirements fully. Workshops are designed and conducted based on these criteria's. Below mentioned is our staff details,


Name: Madeeswer Gandhi .V

Linux Experience : 11 years

IT industry Experience : 11+ years


Notable Achievements:

Written various automation tools for Banks and implemented it in production.

Designed Monitoring application for MNC bank and implemented in 32 countries.

Migrated java applications from Websphere to JBoss.

Written JBoss Standards for an MNC Bank.

Designed two opensource applications in Ruby on Rails


Name: Jansirani.R

Designation : Embedded  Design Engineer


Notable Achievements:

Designed and Developed Heythi-40 (Open Source Embedded Development Kit)

Designed and Developed Heythi Kit (A Plug & Play Creative scientific Kit)

She has huge experience in hardware designing and she has also developed software for the corresponding embedded devices.



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