Raspberry pi os installation step by step guide

Raspberry pi os installation


1. To install OS we need a SD memory card with minimum 4GB and a card reader.

2.Insert the SD memory card in your card reader and plug in to the usb port.

3.Go to the start disk creator.

4. Click on Erase disk to format the SD card.

5.To change the file system of SD card we need an application like Gparted.

6.To install the Gparted click on to the terminal and type the below command and press enter

7.sudo apt-get install gparted.

8.Click on the gparted icon from Search page.

9.Go to Gparted tab and Refresh Devices and left hand corner dropdown list will show the storage devices detail.

10.Click on the memory card option as /dev/sdb1.

11.Right Click on the device click on to Format to and click on FAT 32.

12.Now Your Memory card is changed to FAT 32 file system.

13.Go to Raspberry pi official page http://www.raspberrypi.org/ and click on to the downloads link.

14.You will get a list of OS under that you select the latest OS NOOBS Offline and network install which is recommend by Raspberry.

15.Click on Download zip icon

16.After zip folder is download verify the checksum with the command

17. Type sha1sum /Downloads/NOOBS_v1_3_10 in the terminal and some information will appear check the information with

18.SHA-1: e5f8e688add270890843a99fef05f90ecf591cf7

19. If all the characters are same the download file is perfect otherwise the downloaded file is corrupted download it again and do the above verification step

20.Extract the folder from zip folder by Right click -> Extract here.

21.Copy the contents of extracted folder

Note:Not the parent folder just copy the contents

22.Paste it to the SD card.

23.Remove the SD card from card reader

24.Place it to Raspberry pi device.

25.Plug the HDMI port to the monitor.

26.Plug the Mouse and Keyboard to the usb port

27.Finally connect the power adapter to micro usb port

28.Turn on the switch that will give power to entire system

29.You will get a list of menu of OS under that select RASPIAN by select the box and click on Install (on the top of raspian option)

30.Wait for the OS installation process

31.After the installation process is ended successfully, your monitor will display Raspi-config tool automatically

32.If the installation process is successfully ended but the monitor shows only blank page means.Do the following steps carefully

1.Switch off the power and remove the sd card

2.Insert it to the card reader and plug it to the computer

3.Go to the Boot Device (You can the see attached devices as Root,Boot,settings)

4.Open the config.txt file from Boot folder

5.And changes the codings as per the below line

6.# uncomment to force a HDMI mode rather than DVI. This can make video. work in

7. # DMT (computer monitor) modes


9.# uncomment if hdmi display is not detected and composite is being output


 33.Then insert the sd card to Raspberry pi board and start the system.

34.Now the monitor show the Raspi-config tool

35.To change the Time setting select the fourth option (International options) and press enter key under that second option

36.If you want to change it to India then select ASIA under that kolkata

37.If you want to change the Password of the Raspberry go to second option of raspi-config (Change the password from default password).

38.Now type the Username and Password for Raspberry pi board

Default username : pi

Default Password : raspberry

39.To change the keyboard layout go to the International option(4th ) go to change keyboard layout

40.Under that select appropriate company name and select English(US) and click ok ,ok,ok

41.Finally select Finish option to quit the tool

Note:Don`t change keyboard shortcut settings

42.If you want to continue with Graphical User Interface type the startx and press Enter key

43. This will open the linux os with a GUI mode






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