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IgniteMindZ is an company started by a Madeeswer Gandhi.V, who has worked in Corporate companies for more than 7 years. This gives us immense knowledge on what is required for corporate companies, working employees and students. We shape the employees or students in the advanced and latest technologies available in the world. IgniteMindZ conduct two type of work shops, one for working people and students and another for corporate companies.

Work Shops(Working people and students):

Work shop is the real time experience for the employees or students. In the desired days we will learn and work on those technologies instead of regular class based training. Traditional training does not give any work experience. Work shop will give you an working experience on those technologies. This will ignite the mindz of the people in those technologies and help them to understand better.

Corporate Work Shops:

Corporate Work shops are conducted for the corporate companies. This will help their employee to get good knowledge in the technologies which they are required to know. Based on the requirement courses can be structured by us or by the corporate companies and we will conduct work shop for the employees based on the agreed course structure.



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